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Exosomes Therapy


Human pre-adipocytes (adipose derived adult stem cells) and placental mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are characterized by their self-renewing capacity and ability to differentiate into chondrocytes, adipocytes, and osteocytes. This makes them attractive starting materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.

Since few transplanted cells persist in vitro, the beneficial effects of cell therapy may lie in the secreted factors being the active component of this treatment. A key part of paracrine secretion is Exosomes, which are membrane vesicles that are stored intracellularly in endosomal compartments and are secreted when these structures fuse with the cell plasma membrane.

  • 1.- Exosomes contain protein, DNA, and RNA, thus making them an attractive vector of paracrine signals delivered by stem cells.
  • 2.- Exosomes may also be "loaded" with predetermined proteins and nucleic acid to achieve a desired effect (1).
  • 3.- Exosomes can be stored as an "off-the-shelf" product having the potential for circumventing many of the limitations of viable cells for therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine.
  • 4.- In vitro, exosomes from pre-adipocytes stimulate cell proliferation in a wound healing model.
  • 5.- In vitro, adipose-graft derived exosomes have been shown to be a promising tool for skin repair and remodeling (2)

Quality Control: All cells have been screened negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, Hep-B, Hep-C and Syphilis. All isolated and concentrated exosomes undergo includes Particle mean diameter, Protein concentration, RNA concentration and Concentration of particles/ml.

1 Treatment of 100 million (MSCs)


1 Treatment of 100 million (MSCs)




  • 1.- Airport pickup & drop off.
  • 2.- Drop off Accomodation & Transportation to Regenamex Clinic.
  • 3.- Meet with our doctor and take a blood test to analyze alkaline phosphatase levels, liver, and kidneys for any signs or symptoms of cancer or tumors.
  • 4.- Receive Blood Panel results in a second meeting with the doctor.
  • 5.- Protocols review and selection of therapy.
  • 6.- Recovery protocols.
  • 7.- Fly back home with the treatment you need to enhance your quality of life.

Protocols Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Exosomes

Condition Protocol Price Range
Major joints (hip, shoulder, knee) 3 ml. PRP + 1 - 3 ml. Exosomes + 25 - 50 millons MSC. Intra-articular injection $3000 to $5000
Minor joints / tendons / ligaments 1 ml. PRP + 1 ml. Exosomes + 25 millons MSC. Intra-articular / intramuscular injection $2,000
Degeneration in thoracic and lumbar discs 3 - 5 ml. PRP + 1- 3 ml. Exosomes + 10 - 25 millons MSC. Epidural injection $3000 to $5000
Erectile dysfunction 5 ml. PRP + 5 ml. Exosomes + 25 millons MSC. Bilateral injection into the corpora cavernosa $5000
Hair loss 5 ml. PRP + 5 ml. Exosomes + 25 millons MSC $5000
Wounds, ulcers and burns 1-5 ml. PRP + 1-5 ml. Exosomes + 10 millons MSC. Inject periphery and base of the lesion. Cover with sterile, anti-adherent and anti-bacterial compress for 3 days $4000
Neurodegenerative diseases, brain injury, cerebral ischemia, spinal cord injury, severe peripheral neuropathies 3 ml Exosomes Intrathecal injection (consider removing 3 ml. Of CSF). 15 ml. Exosomes + 1-3 million MSC per kg. IV infusion $13000
Autoimmune diseases - Peripheral neuropathies 15 ml Exosomes + 1-3 million MSC per kg. IV infusion $12000
COPD Interstitial lung diseas 2 ml. Exosomes + 10 millons MSC. 10 Nebulation sessions 7 days appart $3500 per session
Anti aging 15 ml. Exosomes + 1 - 2 millons MSC per kg. $13000

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